• Our approach


Any company project is an opportunity to reinforce its identity

  • The identity of a company is a cohesion factor. It has proved to be a major federating and durable performing tool.
  • Formalising the identity is a revealing process for the leaders. It allows them to affirm their vision and be genuine in their communication.
  • The identity is used as a coherence factor for the leading of a project within the teams.


A four-step process and a solid framework that leave nothing to chance


Formulation of corporate identity in light of its history and across the vision of its founder and top management.
Turning requests into concrete planned objectives.

Analysis and diagnosis

Gathering information, analysing and matching requests. Diagnosis.
Assistance to the decision process.


Concrete preparation of actions to be implemented.


Direct intervention and support to teams for the implementation of previously defined actions.

Mode of intervention

Expertise and maieutic

  • The consultant’s role is to give an opinion on a specific situation: where the problem lies, what diagnosis to draw and what solutions are possible ("expertise" mode).
  • In some cases, the difficulty is not related to a straight technical question. Then our role is to shed some light into the issue at hand for the management to face the situation by themselves and to support them in the development of their vision ("maieutic*" mode).
* Concept held dear by Socrate, maieutic is the art of revealing one’s spirit; that is having your interlocutor discover the truth that lies within themselves, through a series of questions.